Foot Warts

Foot warts occur on the feet. It is the third most common form of warts.

Warts Treatment

The scientific nomenclature for foot wart is plantar verruca or verruca plantaris or verruca or myrmecia. They can occur on the feet, toes or legs.
Half of the world’s population deals with verruca plantaris at least once in their lifetime. The skin disorder is extremely widespread for two main reasons.

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Wart Removal Cream

Firstly, it is caused by a ubiquitous virus called human papilloma virus (HPV). Secondly, most people, especially children run around barefooted at some point in the day.
Since HPV is practically everywhere, it follows that the virus is also on the floor. You are vulnerable each time your bare feet touche the ground.
Skin-to-skin contact is the primary mode of transmission of HPV; however, it can also be transmitted through objects that infected persons have touched.

Causes of Foot Warts

Verruca plantaris is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). The specific strains of HPV which are responsible for causing verruca plantaris are HPV type 1, 2, 4, 60 and 63.
Scientists have identified more than 100 distinct strains of HPV. Generally, each strain can only cause one type of verruca.
Off course, there are exceptions. For example, HPV type 3 is capable of causing plantar, flat and anogenital warts.

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Planters Warts

The HPV usually penetrates the squamous epithelium through compromised stratum corneum (outermost layer of skin).
Your skin is said to be compromised, if it has several microscopic cuts and abrasions. These abrasions are often not visually recognizable.
When men shave their beard, microscopic abrasions are produced across the chin. When women shave their legs, microscopic abrasions are produced on the shaved area.
These abrasions provide the opportunity for HPV to sneak in.

Symptoms of Foot Wart

Verruca plantaris are small bumps that protrude from the pressure points of the sole of the feet.
On average, a fully developed verruca does not exceed the height of half a centimeter i.e. about the height of a pencil eraser.

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Plantar Wart Removal

Compared to palmer verruca (verruca on the hand), verruca plantaris generally remain smaller because of the flattening pressure applied to it by walking.
In severe cases, they may grow bigger. Smaller verruca bumps can be easily confused with corns or calluses.
In the middle of the verruca, little black heads may form. When this occurs, people often refer to this formation as seed wart because it looks like seeds.
The lines that run across your fingers are called fingerprints. The lines that run across your feet are called striations.
You can distinguish corns from verruca plantaris by the formation of the striations. If it is a corn, the striations run right across the top layer of the bump.

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What Causes Warts

If the bump is verrruca plantaris, the striations go around the bump. The bumps can occur together to form a mosaic structure.
You can distinguish calluses from verruca plantaris by the feeling produced.
Calluses are painful when perpendicular pressure is applied to them. Verruca plantaris is painful, when pressure is applied from the sides.

Treatment of Warts

Your doctor may apply cantharadrin to the bump. Cantharadin is a chemical compound secreted by several species of blister beetle.
The Spanish fly, Lytta vesicatoria secretes the best medical grade cantharadin. Within 4 to 6hours of injecting cantharadin into the wart, the human papilloma viruses are killed and a blister is formed.
When the blister heals, you have your fresh new skin, as healthy as a baby’s.
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How to Remove Warts

Verruca plantaris can also be treated with immunotherapy. In immunotherapy, antigens are injected in the verruca.
The antigen triggers a reaction from your immune system. Your immune system goes on overdrive and floods the bump with white blood corpuscles that overwhelm and kill all the HPVs.
Wartrol is the most powerful first-line treatment of warts.
The potent wartrol formula contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid effectively kills off the viruses on the epithelium; then, the organic ingredients in wartrol soothe and repair the skin.
The remarkable wartrol formula will heal and revitalize your skin. Order the highly recommended wartrol formula now and get rid of your warts .

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Genital Warts


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